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What You Can Do to Quit World of Warcraft

Consider the following. Imagine the day you purchased WoW and you started playing. If you knew everything you do now, would you still have bought it? Now the follow up question. Think and imagine yourself within 2 or 3 years, still playing World of Warcraft, looking back on today when you are making the decision […]

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Dealing with the Potential for Online Gambling Addiction – Other than WoW

The internet is addictive. Social networks, Candy Crush, role playing games, the stock market – all these are some of the most common online addictions. Add into that the thousands of mobile apps available – who hasn’t been a teeny bit addicted to Temple Run at some point? Addiction is also a common human behavioural […]

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Admit You Have a WoW Addiction Problem

The definition of “addiction” is the state of being enslaved by something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (such as narcotics or gambling – or videogame addiction, I should add nowadays), to such an extent that to discontinue the habit or practice can lead to severe trauma. In other words, you love something so much […]

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Understanding Why You Play World of Warcraft

In October of 2012, WoW players went from 9 up to over 10 million with MoP new expansion. That’s 10,000,000 written in full. That’s like the population of Sao Paolo in Brazil. Or Moscow in Russia. Needless to say, it’s not a small number. Over 10 million players can’t be wrong. Or can they? World […]

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