My passion for videogames started when my mom gave me as gift my first thing to run a game, its name was Commodore 64. It was the 1985.

It was great!

Then it was the time of playing arcade videogames at bars and game rooms, remember?

I really loved Black Dragon, have you ever played it?

Well, if you are old enough like me (35 years old), you should!

It was like a WoW at a very beginning, think about it.

You need to farm gold to buy armor and weapons and you go through higher levels (the big different part is that Black Dragon has an end!).

I played at many other arcade games during 80’-90’, and I owned console like Nintendo, Sega Master System, and the recent Play Station.

It was with Play Station that I started playing Warcraft.

I really loved it, since the beginning.

Then arrived Warcraft 2 and after Warcraft 3, so it was the time to switch my gaming platform to a personal computer.

I got my first one with a 56k modem connection at 18 years old, in 1996. And it was in 2002 then Warcraft 3 came out.

In November 2004 arrived World of Warcraft, so I had to make a big update to my computer (the first big money spent for WoW) and in January 2005 I was playing in this fantastic online world.

Let me tell you my story.

And let me help you quit at all World of Warcraft.

Discover How to Quit World of Warcraft Now!

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