Admit You Have a WoW Addiction Problem

The definition of “addiction” is the state of being enslaved by something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (such as narcotics or gambling – or videogame addiction, I should add nowadays), to such an extent that to discontinue the habit or practice can lead to severe trauma.

In other words, you love something so much that you have developed a habit of using it or playing it to such an extent that not doing so leaves you feeling cranky or nervous, and you are becoming disinterested in other areas of life.

“Take everything in moderation, even World of Warcraft”, it states one of the tips during the loading screen of WoW. You may spend some good time, even win money sometimes, but you need to take it in moderation. The same concept is applied to online community games, as known as Mmorpg.

Some experts believe World of Warcraft can be “addictive”.

I should add – you do not need to be a graduated to understand that WoW can be addictive, in particular for some “kind” of people.

A syringe with the word "World of Warcraft" on a spoon

I have never been a hardcore player during my 5 years of WoW, but I had time while I preferred to play then to go out with friends, for instance.

And sometimes while I was doing something else – working, going out with friends, even in personal situation with my partner (ex now) – I was inside World of Warcraft with my mind.

Now, I definitely think that this could be the beginning of a problem.

You can even be mad without a reason if someone disturb you while playing.

You can stay in front of that screen being your WoW alt for hours, without even noticing that the time is passing by.

What is your record?

Honestly. How much time have you played without ever stopping?

I can say 4-5 hours. But I have heard of people playing continuously for many more hours.

I am sure you know about that news of a 15 years old Swedish boy who died after playing 24 hours straight WoW. Doctors said it was because of the lack of sleep and food.

But there have been more stories of people dying for too long gaming sessions.

In 2004, a 13 years old Chinese boy has reached the death after 36 hours of World of Warcraft.

In 2005, a 28 years old South Korean young man died after playing Starcraft (another game from Blizzard, for the 1% of you who do not know) for 50 hours straight.

Of course these are just sporadic cases, but even playing for few hours is not healthy.

I am sure you even ate many times in front of your laptop or computer, while being online in WoW.

Or when your bladder pressed you so much that you were forced get up from your chair and go to the bathroom (and please do not tell me you brought your laptop into the bathroom while you’re sitting on the throne…and I add not The Frozen Throne. Lol).

I have read many sad stories about addicted players failing at class, losing their job, even breaking with their wife or husband (you know that addiction can hit both a man or a woman).

Now please answer to these questions.

Have you ever noticed that the last thing you think before going bed and the first one when you wake up is WoW?

Have you ever felt you could lie to friends, family, your boss, because you wanted play so badly at WoW?

Have a you ever done a funny thing outside WoW, while still thinking and wanting to be inside World of Warcraft?

If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions,

then you should admit you have a problem with WoW.

This may be hard, but accepting that World of Warcraft has taken over your life is the initial step into overcoming your addiction.


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