Dealing with the Potential for Online Gambling Addiction – Other than WoW

The internet is addictive.

Social networks, Candy Crush, role playing games, the stock market – all these are some of the most common online addictions.

Add into that the thousands of mobile apps available – who hasn’t been a teeny bit addicted to Temple Run at some point?

Addiction is also a common human behavioural trait – it is possible to get addicted to anything, on and offline.

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The common ones are obvious – food, booze, cigarettes, sex and drugs – but other common but lesser considered addictions are ironing, vacuuming, and exercise.

All addictions have a negative impact on sufferer’s lives, and no addiction should be considered less or more severe than others.

Online gambling addiction is very common, and depending on the level of addiction can be very damaging to the sufferer’s finances.

Online games are known to be highly addictive, and all human behaviour is habit forming – however this is something we can use to avoid addiction as well.

Online casinos are designed to be fun, and it’s important that we keep it that way.

It is a good idea to set a ‘time budget’ as well as a financial budget for your gaming.

Mobile apps and tablets have made everything so immediate that it is easy to spend more time gaming without really realising it.

Computer screens have a calming effect, and when staring at graphics we are able to tune out the stressful aspects of the day, which can make it hard to put the device down.

Therefore setting yourself a weekly time budget of two hours, for example, means that your online gaming won’t get in the way of your life, but you will really look forward to the time that you spend gaming.

Having fun is the whole point.

Gamble Aware exists to promote responsible gaming, and keep everyone safe and still having fun.

Gambling is often demonised as dangerous and irresponsible, but this isn’t true as long as you look after yourself.

They have some great advice for gambling safety, staying in control and how gambling works.

They also list the Responsible Gambling regulations, so you can spot if a site you’re using is not abiding by them.


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