Case Study : How Anthony Rosner Wow Hero Quitted the Game

I recently saw a video (dated Jan 15, 2012) from Anthony Rosner, a ex british Wow hardcore player, and now filmaker, with a pretty exciting life awaiting him.

Basically in this short film of 7 and half minutes, Anthony explains how he was able to break his WoW addiction, after more than 400 entire days of game played.

IRL – In Real Life

This is the quote at beginning :

You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living until the escape becomes the habit.

David Ryan

The video starts with a brief introduction of Anthony’s alt in WoW, called Sevrin, a level 85 Blood Elf Paladin, playing for the Horde, with the list of all the titles that he had in game, like “Grand Crusader” , “Loremaster” and other achievements (he had more than 9000 achievement points), plus 160 pets, 125 mounts, like the rare “spectral tiger” and many others in-game rewards.

Then he shows how he played everyday for over 400 days of played game, this means 9600 hours !

So he founded a guild, pretty popular in his server, the “QT Yacht Club“, with a website and with a full scheduled routine of dungeons, raids, etc.

All the members of this guild were rewarded with the most powerful gear in game, as prize to have killed the bigger bosses at that time.

It happens that he met in game a girl from Norway, who visited him in London. So they spent good time together.

Anthony wanted to visit her in Norway and when he went there, he discovered she was already felt in love with someone else, met in World of Warcraft!

So Anthony spent the time while in Norway playing Wow with his friends, in a basement.

He also starting lying to his Real Life friends, in order to play and stay online!

This is where WoW starts to become addictive and modify your Real Life.

Furthermore, Anthony started to waste real money to buy in-game items, instead of spending this cash hanging out with friends (he declared he spent over £1700).

IRL-In Real Life screenshot of the film

The End of WoW and the New Beginning of Life

Finally University started, so Anthony decided to go out with friends. 🙂

He disbanded the guild, he left the game, and started an exciting Real Life!

He really left WoW when a day he was checking his subscriptions (you need to pay a monthly fee to pay), and he discovered he paid every month, since 14/02/2005, being single for six years!

From May 2011 to November 2011 he joined gym and lost weight.

He met real people, started new real activities and he said :

I felt live again!

As Anthony said, the game never ends, he is always ongoing.

And all the online achievements, they do not mean anything outside of the game.

Leaving Wow opened my eyes again!

As mentioned, the video is called “IRL – In Real Life” and it is a short, “light-hearted” documentary looking at the effects of World of Warcraft addiction, produced as a graduation film as part of a final year film production project at the University of the Creative Arts.

The film was featured around the web and it went pretty viral.

I really enjoyed watching this video and I hope you will like it too.

So enjoy the film and be inspired from it !

(If you go through the comments below the video at YouTube link, you can see many other interesting testimonials).

You can see an interesting interview of Anthony here (July 2012).

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2 Responses to Case Study : How Anthony Rosner Wow Hero Quitted the Game

  1. Alden
    January 24, 2013 at 6:49 am #

    Nice writeup man!

    I love what you’re doing here with the blog. Great game, strong message.

    Good on ya!


    • Erik January 24, 2013 at 9:50 am #

      Thanks for the kind words Alden!
      I really appreciate your feedback, it means a lot to me! 🙂

      I am close to finish to write the eBook about “How to Quit WoW”:
      I really hope to help someone “feel live again!”.

      All the best!

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