How to Quit World of Warcraft

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How to Quit World of Warcraft eBook cover - by Erik Emanuelli
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I played Wow. And I know how addictive can be this game.

It’s like a real world. Your second life, which soon can become your first one.

Trust me, REAL LIFE is much better!

I wrote this guide to help you quit the addiction to World of Warcraft.

Let me tell you my story.

And let me help you quit at all this game.

Table of Contents

1 – Introduction

2 – My Story With Games

3 – Understand Why You Play WoW

4 – You Can’t Win!

5 – Admit you have a problem

6 – What you can do to quit

7 – Understand your potentiality

8 – Achieve the higher level in life

9 – Resources

10 – Thank you

Inside the eBook

World of Warcraft relies on psychological phenomena to draw in existing players and to keep new players hooked.

Think about the pleasure when you kill a mob and you receive a rare item or even an epic one. This is such an adrenaline rush, right?

There is an area of the brain called the ventral striatum, which when activated causes a feeling of pleasure.

And what is the sunk cost fallacy?

This is just the beginning of the path of awareness you will discover trough the content.

Can you admit you have a problem or you think you have the complete control on your time played?

If Blizzard keep adding more and more features to the game : new items, new armors and weapons, new mounts, new pets, new dungeons or zones, new expansions, then the game will never end!

And you can’t win.

This guide takes you through a journey in which you will be able to stop playing World of Warcraft, with practical advices, information about the game and the community, through the knowledge that achieve satisfaction in real life is better than a bunch of useless achievements points in WoW or a high gear score with Alt fake characters.

Understand your potentiality and level up in Real Life!

29 pages with 7300 words : you will need to invest just 30 minutes of your time and less than a monthly game subscription fee.

Achieve the higher level in life!

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How to Quit World of Warcraft eBook cover - by Erik Emanuelli


The Key of the Success is Inside Yourself.

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