Case Study : How Nicky Haik Broke his World of Warcraft Addiction

Nicky Haik uploaded a video in YouTube in July 2010, showing how he deleted all his virtual WoW life.

This video became very popular, in fact it has more than 500.000 views at today.

He was considered for many a hero, a symbol of resistance to the “addiction” caused by World of Warcraft.

But for other people, this guy remains a perfect rash that has thrown away five years of his life.

Nicky Haik played from 13 to 18, spending around 100 solid days, or well over 24,000 hours, playing WoW.

How Nicky Haik broke World of Warcraft Addiction

What did he do?

Breaking WOW Addiction

He documented with a video his farewell to World of Warcraft, erasing all their characters from all servers where they had been created, including the major ones with all the epic items.

Some players may have an heart attack watching this video….

They could have asked him to give them all the good items in game!

In fact, Nicky Haik gave away some of the “Bind on Equip” items, for the happiness of the players which have received these goodies.

You can check the video below,  how he stopped definetely playing World of Warcraft in style and how he finally defeated his addiction.

The comment inserted in the video on YouTube says it all:

“After almost 5 miserable years spent playing World of Warcraft with addiction, I left for good. This is the proof “

A phrase that could be from a recovering alcoholic, rather than former WoW player.

Better late than Never!

You can follow his path and do the same.

Quit WoW Now! 🙂


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