Shooting Games: Best place to become a perfect shooter

Who says that playing games is wastage of time? Shooting Games Online are here to develop your thinking skills and also to help you getting over your stress. It is a wonderful site that offers you unlimited games to rejoice. Each and every game is created very wisely to make the players use their brain. Do not you want […]

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How to Quit World of Warcraft eBook cover - by Erik Emanuelli

How to Quit World of Warcraft eBook Released!

I wrote this guide to help you quit the addiction to World of Warcraft and get your life back. A successful and meaningful living starts right here. I played Wow. And I know how addictive can be this game. It’s like a real world. Your second life, which soon can become your first one. A […]

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Anthony Rosner while working as filmmaker

Interview with Anthony Rosner, ex Wow Hero – How to Break WoW Addiction

Anthony Rosner, from WoW hero and hardcore player to promising filmmaker. Recently I wrote an article about his video “IRL – In Real Life” : a short, “light-hearted” documentary looking at the effects of World of Warcraft addiction. A great video I must say, inspirational, with nice music and images, inviting you to bring out the best in […]

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