Quit WOW! Level Up in Real Life!

It’s amazing how World of Warcraft let you live a second life.

I’ve tried!

Wow is a perfect world, which makes you want to stay online forever.
Making World of Warcraft your second life. The danger is then you will lose sensibility with real life.

The reasons why you want to stay more time in WoW, that in real life, are many.

It may be disappointment in the real world, social difficulties, work, school or just great fun while you play WoW.

The fact is only one. This second life is only virtual.

Real life, for so hard and difficult, is always better than a virtual life in Wow.

Quit Wow

See some examples below:

– make sports outside > ride a mount in wow;

– drink a beer with real friends in a pub > get drunk in a wow tavern;

– kiss a real girl> kiss a female character in wow;

– make love in real life > make war in world of warcraft;

– real life skydiving > fly in your desktop computer screen ;

– eat delicious food in real restaurant > eat Raw Whitescale Salmon item in wow ;

– make a career in real life > level up a profession in wow;

– make real money > farm wow gold.


Level up in real life > level up in wow.


Quit WoW now : you will be more happy in the future!


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