8 Reasons to Quit Wow

Quitting to play World of Warcraft is one of the most desired things by many players, which are addicted to this game.

Spending hours and hours farminge armors, epic items or mounts, just to “exhibit” them online, is really ridiculous when you realize that everything is only virtual!

There are many reasons why you should stop playing World of Warcraft today.

Here you can read 10 of them :

1 – you save $ 15 each month (the monthly fee);

2 – you invest the time you play now in finding a girlfriend (if you already have a girlfiend or a wife or a family, you have got one more reason to quit wow now, before you let your girlfriend leave you because of your game addiction);

3 – the air outside is healthier than hours spent at home playing;

4 – sports is much better than playing wow;

5 – real friends are much more fun that virtual friends in World of Warcraft;

An addicted guy playing videogames in future

6 – when the next expansion will come out (Mists of Pandaria on September 25th 2012) all your epic items and armors can be overcome by other green or blue simple items dropped by simple mobs or gained by simple quests. How long had you spent farming those epic items online?

7 – if you invest the time you play now, in working you will have more money;

8 – sitting long hours in front of the computer makes you fat.


There are many other reasons for leaving WOW.

Can you suggest something else?

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