You Should Stop Playing WoW when …

There are many reasons why you should stop playing WoW, but when happens some of the things listed below, then you should definetely thing seriously to quit World of Warcraft.

Let’s see.

You should stop playing WoW when :

1 – When you spend hours in front of the empty refrigerator, and you are confident in repop.

2 – When you crash against a car stopped at traffic lights and you blame on lag.

3 – When you take a trip on the highway and you try to put the Num-Lock with satellite navigation.

4 – When playing soccer you say, “OK guys, I highly recommend do not go afk, we are going to own them!”

5 – When you argue with a person and you promise to own him online.

6 – When you fail in bed, looking back and thinking, “Okay, Okay, I was not buffed.”

7 – When you go to a friend’s house who has a dog and ask if you aggro.

8 – When you go fishing with friends and you offer to make the puller plunging into the water.

9 – When you know a new person and do not tell your name, because you think he will read the name on your head.

10 – When looking for macros for your homeworks.

WoW screenshot with "Realm Maintenance" written on picture

11 – When you fall, you peel one knee and you began to shout: “Healllllllllllllllllll!

12 – When you regularly confuse Dollars and Gold, and you think that 14,99 gold for a CD is not so bad.

13 – When you see the neighbor’s dog and you wonder “What would he drop?”

14 – When you drink a Red Bull thinking it will give you +10 stamina!

15 – When looking for a girl, you ask to your friend where you can quest for your level.

16 – When during a classwork you ask your classmate to buff you with +intellect!

17 – When your girlfriend gives you a ring and you tell her it sucks because it has little stats.

18 – When you do not smile or laugh, but you said “Lol”.

So there is only one cure …

Do you have any other real situation that make you think to quit WoW?


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