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How to Quit World of Warcraft eBook cover - by Erik Emanuelli

How to Quit World of Warcraft eBook Released!

I wrote this guide to help you quit the addiction to World of Warcraft and get your life back. A successful and meaningful living starts right here. I played Wow. And I know how addictive can be this game. It’s like a real world. Your second life, which soon can become your first one. A […]

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Anthony Rosner while working as filmmaker

Interview with Anthony Rosner, ex Wow Hero – How to Break WoW Addiction

Anthony Rosner, from WoW hero and hardcore player to promising filmmaker. Recently I wrote an article about his video “IRL – In Real Life” : a short, “light-hearted” documentary looking at the effects of World of Warcraft addiction. A great video I must say, inspirational, with nice music and images, inviting you to bring out the best in […]

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