What You Can Do to Quit World of Warcraft

Consider the following.

Imagine the day you purchased WoW and you started playing.

If you knew everything you do now, would you still have bought it?

Now the follow up question.

Think and imagine yourself within 2 or 3 years, still playing World of Warcraft, looking back on today when you are making the decision to quit or keep playing.

How do you feel about your decision to continue?

image to help you quit wow

There are many ways which can lead you to quit definitely World of Warcraft.


Do You Want to Hear How I Quit WoW?

I simply unistalled the game from my computer. That’s all.

I still have my alt characters in Sylvanas EU server, frozen in time.

Do you want any more hints?


Delete your alts

You need to find the strength (or ask someone else to do it for you), to log in and delete your characters.

Of course after you did this, you can start leveling again, but this time it really could be dramatically boring.


Unistall the game and break your CDs-DVDs.

Of course you can download again the game online, but I am sure you will not.


Burn Your CDs and DVDs.

I simply did it.


Burn yourself out while discovering how to cheat at World of Warcraft.

Create a private server or just find one to play on. You can then cheat to have instantly gold, leveling, items, etc. Cheating through the entire game in an hour will get you burnt out very quickly.


Make a deal with your friends.

Sometimes you just play because your friends are in. Talk with them (read together this eBook), find a deal to stop playing World of Warcraft.

If they do not want to join in your effort to quit, explain to your friends and family that you finally decided to break your WoW addiction. I am sure they will help you.


Sell your account.

There are many lazy players who are going to pay for some good leveled characters. You can even recover some of the money you have spent with WoW.


Remove all the influences which led you to want to play WoW again.

This means remove the bookmark in your browser about forums, guild website, item database, blogs, Blizzard official site and any other internet place remind you WoW. Same on your phone or laptop, and computer desktop.

Identify the things that make you think WoW : friends hardcore players, internet cafes, dates etc. Once you have identified all of these elements, avoid them!


These are just some of the tips included in my ebook “How to Quit World of Warcraft – Take Back Your Life“.

In the guide I explain you, among the other things, some practical hints to help you quit WoW.

Just invest a less than a monthly subscription fee, and you will be right on your way for a better life!


Quit WoW Now with this eBook!

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  1. Ian March 5, 2015 at 5:27 pm #

    These are excellent tips for quitting any gaming addiction – which I believe is a bigger problem than many people will ever admit to. Getting friends and supporters to help out is hugely important. Without support, or if you don’t find some other way to fill that time (a way that doesn’t feel like a drudge), it is really hard to beat any addiction.
    Ian recently posted..Skyrim Quest: In My Time of NeedMy Profile

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